Christmas in February!?!

Today was a pretty exciting day.  Despite having to wake up super early to finish start a paper due this morning, I was able to finish off the day pretty nicely.

Why, you ask, was today so exciting that I have attempted to compare it to the most exciting holiday of the year?  Here’s a start…

That’s right, my friends!  I received my FIVE boxes of crack Girl Scout Cookies today!  I realize five boxes may seem a bit extreme for a two-person household, but all I had was a $20 so for $4 a box I figured it was easier to just get five of them.

Okay, you caught me.  That was the lie I told myself to excuse it, but really I just love cookies.  My husband may or may not have nicknamed me the cookie monster (shame face).  And no, I am not really embarrassed to admit that.

We also took bets on how long these boxes would last.  I give them less than a week, but we do also have half a chocolate cake on the counter so that may extend their lifetime.  Although, I tried to make Eric wait until we finished the cake to open the cookies, but that did not last more than 5 minutes after he got home from work.  And he calls me the cookie monster…

Anyway, I know Girl Scout cookies is pretty exciting, but not enough to make today February Christmas.  BUT, when I got back from the grocery store this afternoon I had this waiting at my door:

While this may appear to unsuspecting eyes to be a boring black box outside of a boring brown door with boring brown walls, it is in fact, my friends, something much more exciting!  It was a package I have been waiting for!

Inside the black packaging was this:

That’s right–not one, but TWO Saucony shoe boxes with my TWO new pairs of Saucony Omni Progrid Guides!!!

Even more exciting is the fact that they’re a new color this time–GREEN!

I am super excited about these!  I have been putting off buying new shoes for WAY too long because I hate paying over $100 a pair (and I go through them way too quickly).  But my knees were starting to hurt on long sidewalk runs and that’s usually a sign that my shoes are starting to bite the dust.

After much internet browsing, I found my shoes on closeout for over 50% off and free shipping if you spent more than $100, so I bought two pair!  This way I can alternate shoes and not have to buy another new pair for a while.

I am also excited by the green color.  I didn’t really pick it–it was the closeout color, but I have been through at least 10 pairs of blue Sauconys so far (I’ll have to take a picture of my running shoe shelf in my closet for you guys), so I am excited for a change.

Yay, for Girl Scout cookies and new running shoes!

What’s your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie?
Mine are probably Samoas (but Thin Mints and Tagalongs are a close second).  Don’t tell the Girl Scouts…but Safeway actually makes a really good knockoff version.  I do not allow myself to buy them anymore because I eat the whole box.  In one day.


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