Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

Workout today: a whole lot of nothing! Mondays and Fridays are my off days:).  The first triathlon I did I trained six days a week usually doing two sports a day, and I was really really burned out by the end.  For Nation’s in September I cut it back to five days a week and not always two a days, and I felt much better (and PRed!).  So I’m sticking with that plan again this time around.

Some updates on the race yesterday:

One, I forgot to mention our wonderful support staff.  Once again our guys braved the cold to come out and support us (and take pictures, of course:).

Two, they were able to find my friend’s time on their “backup timer” (whatever that means?) and reinstated her time!  Our team came in second in our category:).  Supposedly we get some super-cool coffee mugs, haha.

After I got back from my early Valentine’s day date the husband was pretty jealous, so I took him out to dinner so we could have our own Vday celebration.  How lame would you think we are if I told you we used a Groupon to have our Valentine’s day dinner?  We also were practicing for our senior citizen days by going to dinner at 5:30 pm.  The good news is we pretty much had the place to ourselves!  I take blame for the early dinner, I was starving when I got home and couldn’t wait to eat!

Today we exchanged cards and gifts. I got Eric an ice cream cake (since you can’t really get guys flowers, and the man loves ice cream!:).

The race yesterday really got me excited for the rest of my races this spring and to start picking up training.  Last week was a recovery week but with the warm weather this week I am really excited to get out there and train.  I already have four or five run and bike dates planned for next week, which is probably a new record!

Right now I am going to watch a Netflix movie with the hubby and carb up for my early morning run tomorrow by eating half a box of Cheez-its!:)

I hope everyone had a good weekend!


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