Love the Run You’re With

Workout today: 5k race plus warm up and cool down, about 5 miles total.

Today was the Love the Run You’re With 5k in Arlington, VA.  Luckily the race didn’t start until 9:00, so I was able to “sleep in” until 7:00.

I met up with my friend and race partner today (the race let you do two-person teams).

Then some more of our friends joined us.  There was supposed to be one more of us but she came down with a stomach bug:(

In case you’re wondering why some peoples’ numbers are different colors, its because this was a Valentine’s Day-themed race and the race decided it was a good idea to have people enter in different relationship categories.  I realize in theory this may have seemed cute but when you color-code the numbers it kind of turns into making people publicize their relationship status THE DAY BEFORE VALENTINE’S DAY.  Seems a little bit mean if you ask me.  Or maybe they were just trying to turn it into some sort of dating event?  Who knows…

The start of the race was a bit crowded, but no more than your typical race.  After the first couple hundred meters the course took a left-hand turn and started up a pretty steep hill.  The steepness of the hill was a bit cruel for being so early in the race, but it was kind of nice on the way back!

The course was a fast out and back.  Two of my friends caught up to me a little over half way through, and I forced myself to stick with them.  I managed to stay with them the rest of the course, despite a couple times where I considered letting them go.  They definitely pushed me–thanks, guys!

Eric told me after the race that my face matched my shirt color.  I blame my irish heritage!

The race let people run with dogs and baby strollers. How cool is that?

The finish line festival had muscle milk, bananas, granola bars, and coconut water…and I may have walked away with my arms full;).

All in all it was a pretty good day, and I was happy with my time considering I am still feeling relatively out of shape.  Also, I saw the race results afterward, and they didn’t track my teammates time for some reason, but if they had I think we would have won the all-women team category (that was 90 percent due to her super speedy time;)! I will be sending a letter of petition around later for you to sign.

After the race I went home and had some more soup and half a turkey, avocado, red pepper, and spinach sandwich. Mmm, just the thing for after a cold run.

After lunch I went up to hang out with my friend and her 4-month-old son.  Get your aww faces ready…

That’s right.  You should be jealous of my Valentine’s Day weekend date.  Totally gonna be a lady killer.

Now to spend some time with the husband! I don’t want him getting too jealous;)


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4 Responses to Love the Run You’re With

  1. Karen says:

    But then they found me on the back-up timers and we won mugs! Yay?! See you tomorrow 🙂

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  3. Dana says:

    Erin, how exciting that you have started a blog too! I have to say that your Valentine “weekend” date is the CUTEST that I’ve ever seen… but I may be a little partial. =)

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