Apparently I Like to Exaggerate Things in My Mind

Workout today:
Run – 5 miles, moderate pace
Swim – 1200 meters (a lot of breathing drills)

So, apparently I was so excited about the warm weather this week that I over-hyped it in my mind.  When I saw it was going to be highs of 48 to 64 this week, I got so excited that I seem to have made myself believe that it would be warm all day every day, including first thing in the morning and after the sun went down.  This excitement backfired on me today when I was getting dressed for my morning run and was very grumpy to see said it was 35 and felt like 23:(.  I obviously still did not get the picture though because I also decided to wear my flip flops and a light-weight shirt to swim this evening.  Not only did I get stares from the neighbors when I walked back into my condo building wet and in sandals, but I also could not feel my toes by the time I got inside!

Despite being bitter about the cold, I had a great run this morning with Karen on my first workout date of the week.  I love that even though we just saw each other several days in a row and have probably sent 500 emails to one another in the last 48 hours we still always have plenty to talk about on our runs together.

After I got back from our run I had an english muffin with peanut butter and cottage cheese with strawberries.  This picture makes me salivate even though I just had it this morning.  I think there is something wrong with me that I get this excited about food:).

Lunch was more soup and some cheez-its.  Sorry if you’re getting bored of so many pictures of the same soup.  But it’s so good I am not bored of eating it yet.  Next week I want to make Hungry Runner Girl’s tortilla soup. I have to tell you I am kind of obsessed with her blog so I may reference it fairly often.  In fact, you should go stalk her now.

I got hit with a sweet-tooth craving in the afternoon and decided to eat the last piece of cake.  Oops.  You can’t leave me home alone with a chocolate cake.  It’s not safe for me or the cake.

I am very proud of myself for finally making it to the pool today.  Swimming is my weakest leg of the triathlon as I have never really been a swimmer and just started getting into it a couple of years ago.  For some reason the longer I am away from the pool the more I build it up in my head to be this horrible thing, which only makes me shy away from going even more.  When I finally go (like today), it’s always better than I expect, but for some reason I am still always reluctant to go again the next time.

Today I worked a lot on my stroke and breathing on my left side.  I am ashamed to admit I am a one-sided breather for the most part.  Even though my one-sided breathing has gotten me through olympic distance triathlons, I know that breathing every other stroke is a waste of energy and that I could improve my swim time a lot by working on it.  But since I started off swimming that way it’s been really hard to switch!  So today I worked a lot on breathing on my left side and every three strokes and am getting a bit better.

For dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs with steamed broccoli.

Then I had samoas and some milk for dessert.  Two workouts in a day means I get to eat two desserts in a day…right??  Just tell me yes.


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5 Responses to Apparently I Like to Exaggerate Things in My Mind

  1. Jillian says:

    Something is wrong with you if you think a serving size of cheese-its is that small, I believe the box says the correct serving size is 16,000 cheese-it’s, approximately 1 serving per box.

  2. Dani says:

    It totally means 2 desserts!! Loving this blog, chica! Keep it up!

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