Speed Dating

Workout today:
6 x 800s, plus warmup/cooldown, approximately 5 miles total.

Today started off rough because I was forced to fast for blood work at the doctor’s office (routine physical, don’t worry).  Yes, fasting for 12 hours = rough day for Erin.  I mistakenly picked a 9:30 am appointment thinking it would allow me to sleep in and roll into the doctor’s office before even thinking about breakfast.  Instead I woke up early and spent a good 1.5 hours thinking about how hungry I was and another hour at the doctor’s being grumpy and fidgety.

When I got home I had the same thing as yesterday–english muffin with peanut butter and strawberries and cottage cheese.

Yes, I’m sorry, that’s the same picture from yesterday.  I was too hungry this morning to stop for a second to take a picture and instead just shoved the food in my face.

My late breakfast threw off my eating schedule the rest of the day:(.  I got slightly hungry around “normal” lunch time, but knew it wasn’t time for a full meal, so decided to have some cheez-its and three four samoas.  Oops.  Shame face.

So then of course I was not really hungry for lunch, but knew I need to eat something beside cheez-its and cookies before my speed workout in the afternoon.  So I tried to eat this:

But, as awesome as that lunch looked I was still full from my Girl Scout cookie binge and only managed to eat half of the sandwich and a pickle. 😦

My plan to eat a lot of junk food and ruin my lunch must have paid off in the end, though, because I had a GREAT workout today!!:)  And who said Girl Scout cookies don’t make a good pre-run meal?

My second workout date of this week was meeting up with two of my friends, Karen and Melle, for a speed workout on the track today!  Usually I might feel intimidated about the fact that I was going to do a speed workout with two division one college cross country and track athletes, but the weather was beautiful, I was running in capris and a tank top, and I only had six 800s to run…gulp!

Staring at the backs of my lovely superstar runner friends was fairly motivational today, actually, and I ran a good 30-45 seconds faster per 800 than I did in my speed workout two weeks ago!  And I felt pretty good doing it, too!  (If you can call breathing that sounds like someone is having an asthma attack good…)  I also did a pretty good job of staying consistent and running the last 800 at least 10 seconds faster than the rest.

Sadly, I failed to take pictures today, so instead I will give you a picture of Karen and I in high school track that is probably more amusing anyway:).

After running with the ladies I rushed off to my second date (non-workout related this time) of the evening.  I met up with my friend Laura to finally see Black Swan!  Boy did that movie trip me out.  I have never done drugs before but I imagine they would make me feel somewhat similar to how I was feeling after that movie.  When the movie was over Laura and I wandered around the parking garage trying to find her car and got a little lost…it only made me feel even more like I was still tripping out!  Crraaa-zey.

Sorry, no pictures of dinner because it was a Quiznos sub hastily shoved in my purse and snuck into the movie theater, hehe.

Time for bed!  I know I am going to sleep well tonight after today’s workout.  Tomorrow I have workout date number three–and it’s a bike ride this time!!:)


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