A Woman After My Own Heart

Workout today:
Bike – about 16 miles

Does anyone watch Modern Family?  Last year it became my new favorite show.  Sofia Vergara, who plays Gloria on Modern Family, said in Shape magazine that the secret to her curves is that she eats a piece of cake daily!  A woman after my own heart!  She also says she loves chocolate covered strawberries, which are another favorite of mine.  The only thing I can’t figure out is how all of her “extra” weight goes to her chest and bottom region while mine hangs out in more unfortunate places.  If only she would let me in on that secret. 🙂

This weekend we have a special houseguest staying with us.  His name is Kodak.

This is my parents black lab/golden retriever mix.  He is the sweetest most well-behaved dog I know.  Plus he’s pretty old now so he just sleeps most of the time.  I forget he’s here sometimes until he starts snoring really loudly.  He is staying with us for the weekend while my parents drive down to the Outer Banks to settle on their beach house!  So exciting!

My mom also dropped off some Valentine’s day flowers for me.  Cute:)

Breakfast was an egg sandwich (one whole egg and one egg white, a sprinkle of cheese and some mayo on an english muffin), apple, and blueberry yogurt.

Then I drove to a trail a couple miles from my house to take Kodak for a walk.  When he was younger he used to drag me around on the end of the leash for hours, but today he only made it about 20 minutes before he wanted to turn around and go home:/.  I stopped at the creek to let him take a drink and he sat in it!!!  And I didn’t have a towel in my car.  Awesome.

He’s so cute I can’t stay mad at him, though.

Lunch was some Campbell’s Select Harvest Chicken Tortilla soup, leftover roasted veggies from last night, and some tomatoes with mozzarella and basil.

And of course–you guessed it–Girl Scout cookies!!  We are on to the Do-Si-Dos, now:/.

This evening I had my FOURTH workout date of the week (life is so awesome!:).  I met up with my friend Melle for a bike ride at her place in DC.  We went through the city and picked up the Mt. Vernon trail across Arlington Memorial bridge.  The weather was soooo perfect for a ride.  There were a lot of people running/biking this afternoon and I had fun recognizing all of the race shirts I have (I wore my Nation’s Tri t-shirt today and saw at least two of them out on the trail).  I love running into people in the same race shirt as me–I feel like we’re friends even if I’ve never met the person. 🙂

Since I finished up around 5:45 pm and traffic going home would have been horrible, I headed down to Georgetown to meet up with the husband!

We wandered around the waterfront for a bit looking for a place to eat.  While were walking Eric said “Oh, I just realized I forgot to eat lunch” (mind you this was at 6:15 pm).  I don’t think I could ever forget that I missed a meal!!  I have had to miss them for various reasons before, but let me assure you I was quite aware of the fact!  If you read my post about having to fast for a few hours one morning you know how grumpy I get when I don’t get to eat!

We decided to grab dinner at a little cafe called Snap (I was still in my bike clothes and was not dressed appropriately for a real restaurant).  The cafe had the cutest back patio with strand lights and I was excited to eat outside.  I had a greek panini with roasted chicken and bell peppers, pesto, and some kind of cheese.  Eric had a turkey, tomato, spinach, and mozzarella crepe.  Both were delicious!

But the best part was yet to come.  After dinner we walked around some more and decided to go to Barnes and Noble for some reading and dessert.  When Eric and I were first dating I lived in downtown Bethesda and when we were poor (well, poorer) and would get bored during week nights we would walk to the Barnes and Noble and split a dessert or a coffee and read for a bit.  Tonight reminded me of those nights:).  Sorry to get cheesy on you.  Hopefully this makes up for it:

Oh yeah.  We split a hot chocolate and Reese’s cup cookie.  OMG.  I had not had Starbuck’s hot chocolate in years and I forgot how sinfully good it is.

Maybe a lame night to some (we’re livin’ the crazy life, what can I tell ya?), but I enjoyed myself!:)

(In case you’re wondering, I was reading Water for Elephants.  I’ve been wanting to read it and now that the movie is coming out I must do it before I go see it!)


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3 Responses to A Woman After My Own Heart

  1. Eric says:

    Technically I did have two breakfasts. Every Friday our office gets bagels. So I had asiago bagel with whipped cream cheese around 10:15 still qualifying the meal as breakfast. According to McDonalds. 🙂

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  3. Patty Shipe says:

    You are very a disciplined person. Looks like you guys eat real well and have lots of fun except for the hot chocolate & cookie from Starbucks. However, with all your workouts, running & biking, you deserve to treat yourself & I am certain those calories do not hang on for very long! Keep up all the hard work…:D

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