Hungry Day

Workout today:
Couch surfing and arm curls in the form of lifting girl scout cookies into my mouth

Last night after I posted I got antsy and decided to start working on winning the wife of the year award.

After a couple loads of laundry I got started making Hungry Runner Girl’s taco soup for lunches this week!  After we had taken the pizzas out of the oven for dinner I had put in a chicken to roast it so I could use some of the meat for the soup.  While I was making it I was thinking it didn’t really look that exciting (just a bunch of salsa and some chicken??) but it turned out yumilicious!! More on that later.

After making the soup there was some leftover chicken, so I also made some chicken salad with almonds.  Mmm.

Next on the list was CUTTING ERIC’S HAIR!!  A few months ago we decided to buy a set of clippers, and I braved cutting a person’s hair for the first time (unless you count shaving my brother’s head when we were younger).

That was probably the last time I cut someone’s hair, unless you count all the horses I whose hair I clipped growing up.  But children and horses don’t have to go to work the next day and explain to their coworkers/clients why there is a giant whole in their hair…so I was VERY nervous cutting Eric’s hair last time.  Luckily, it turned out great!

He has been needing a second haircut for several weeks now, but the last couple of weeks coincided with the last few weeks of my school quarter, which meant I didn’t have much time to do anything except sleep and write papers.

He’s been mousse-ing it down for work/going out in public, but when he runs his fingers through his hair it looked like this:

Yeah that’s right, I married that, and I love him!:)

Here’s the after:

This is sans mousse, but it’s not so terrible if I do say so myself.  For a $20 clipper set, I think they have more than paid for themselves in two haircuts.

Yes ladies, I am available to cut your man’s hair, too.  I accept payment in the form of baked goods and running gear.

Anyway, that was last night, but I don’t have much to say about today since it’s kind of been a lazy day.  Breakfast was some special K cereal and lunch was the delicious taco soup and a chicken salad/red pepper/lettuce/mozzarella sandwich!  Food heaven!

Unfortunately, today was a HUNGRY day.  For some reason I was hungry almost allll day today:( Do you guys ever have hungry days?  In the afternoon I couldn’t stop the sugar cravings and had a bowl of cereal….and some thin mints.  Please remind me next year that I am not allowed to buy Girl Scout cookies!

Dinner was leftover veggie pizza.  Still awesome the second time!

Dessert was the rest of the Valentine’s day ice cream cake.  It really wasn’t as good as we had hoped, but I am not one to throw away dessert!

After my hungry day today and too much sweets I am definitely ready to workout tomorrow!!  Can’t wait to get back on the bike!:)


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3 Responses to Hungry Day

  1. Dani says:

    Oh I have so much to say!! First – Frank, my hubby, bought the whole mens grooming kit so I could start cutting his hair – he hasn’t been back to a barber shop in 2 years! Who knew I could do that! Eric’s hair looks great! Although I love the long messy look too. I try to convince Frank to let it grow crazy for a bit. Second – that soup looks delish!! AND THAT CAKE! It looks amazing – sad that it wasn’t as good as the picture looks for your sake.

    • Haha, that’s awesome that you cut your husband’s hair, too! I was so nervous the first time, but felt much more confident going in this time!! Eric had been asking me for a couple weeks now to cut it, but then Sunday when I finally decided it was time he was saying maybe he should keep it long, haha!

      The soup I would highly recommend! And it was not that hard to make. The hardest part was finding mango salsa:/. I finally found some peach mango salsa, but it was expensive:/. Next time I might just try and throw mango in there with regular salsa and see how it comes out!

      I was very sad about the cake not being good:(. The cake part of it was just really dry and flavorless. I’ve had ice cream cake from there that was awesome before, so I don’t know why it was such a disappointment this time. So sad!

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