More Salt?

Thursday Workout:
(Stationary) Bike – 70 minutes, hills

Thank you guys for all of your suggestions on how to eat my dark chocolate peanut butter!!  Some of my favorites were Nilla Wafers, crepes, ice cream, and making peanut butter cookies with them!  I am so excited to see how fast I can eat this–I mean, try it on a bunch of different things!!  Unfortunately, as of this morning I could not wait any longer to try it out and I didn’t have most of these things in my house.  But I can guarantee I will be trying it on all of these things (and more) in the near future!

So, like I said, this morning I could not wait any longer, I had to open the jar and try it! Eric was there to get in on the action, too.

Oh yes!  And it was everything I imagined it would be!!  Actually, it was a lot lighter than I expected–in a good way!  I love Nutella, but it is very rich and heavy, this was not like that.  This was heaven in a jar, people!!

I only tried a little bit by itself (because I was afraid I couldn’t stop myself once I got the spoon out!), but I had some on my english muffin for breakfast.  Soooooo good!

In case you’re wondering what the nutrition info is compared to regular peanut butter, it’s actually pretty much the same.  In fact, the dark chocolate peanut butter has slightly less calories than the regular.  It also has less calories from fat, one less gram of protein, and one more gram of sugar (compared to the Safeway brand PB I had in my cupboard).  Not too bad!

Eric also asked me why I got such a small jar.  My response was that that was the only size they carried, so then he asked why I only got one!  Looks like I am going to have to fight him for it!!:)

I was reading Sweet Tooth Runner’s blog today and she mentioned that she went to a sports nutrition session where the speaker said that something like seventy-five percent of non-elite athletes don’t have enough salt.  Apparently we sweat it all out and don’t replace it.

This got me thinking because in the past six months or so I have noticed that after some of my longer workouts I have had BAD cravings for things like peanut butter and chips. Now I am the first to admit that I pretty much crave peanut butter 24/7, but these have been like “if you get in my way of me eating my peanut butter and chips I will kill you” kind of cravings.  And I am more of a sweets person, not a chip person.

At first I thought it was just my inner fatty coming out, but in the back of my mind I wondered if it was my body craving something that it was low on.  I thought maybe fat or sugar (because of the PB), but we all know my body is NOT short on fats and sugar.  So then I started thinking maybe it was the salt.  Emma’s (Sweet Tooth Runner’s) blog got me thinking that maybe I was correct to wonder if my body was craving salt.  Although I do love me some soup, I probably don’t get a ton of salt in the rest of my diet, and I do sweat a LOT when I workout (sexy, I know).  Supposedly the low salt levels can lead to cramping, headaches, nausea, etc.

Emma said the nutritionist recommended stuff like Powerade Ion4 or Nuun tablets for after a sweaty workout session.  I happened to have some Nuun tablets leftover from a race goody bag, so I decided to try them (for the first time) during my workout today.

Unfortunately, I was NOT a big fan of the taste:/.  It had kind of a fizzy taste that made me not so excited to drink my water:/.  I drank it, but I don’t know if I would want to do that on a regular basis.

I don’t know…I am conflicted here.  We get told so much in general health nutrition information to limit salt intake, so I have a hard time thinking I should feed myself MORE salt.  Yet the idea that I could be short on it does make some sense to me.  Does anyone have any experience with this?  I might try and up my salt intake for a while (especially after long workouts) and just see if I notice a difference.

Anyway, my bike workout today was good!  I have recently been working out at the gym since the weather has gotten a bit colder again.  If you know me, you know that I have loudly pronounced my hatred for indoor cardio equipment (specifically the treadmill) for a long time.   However, I have recently downloaded the Netflix app on my iPhone, so I have been enjoying watching Bones season 3 while I workout lately:).

It’s not a bad little setup!  Although, about halfway through my workout someone came in and set up in front of me with the TV playing on their iPad (which is like 20 times the size of the iPhone).  That was a little depressing, but I still enjoyed watching my shows.

I was also excited because I got to wear my new workout top.  (Oops, I just realized I never told Eric I bought this yesterday.  Sorry hunny!  It was only $16!:).  It says it’s a yoga top, but it’s moisture wicking material with a shelf bra so I refuse to be limited by branding!

Sorry for the awkward picture above…I wasn’t really ready yet.

Anyway, I think it’s super cute!  And it was comfy for the stationary bike…we’ll have to see about running in it later.

Lunch was leftover taco soup, the last of the almond chicken salad, and an apple.

And dinner was leftover stuffed shells and kale!

Sorry if leftovers are boring, but I love cooking big portions and having good food to eat all week (although, that has been a lot harder now that I am feeding a guy, too;).


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