Friday Favorites

Friday Workout:
Rest day!
I actually did not feel much like taking the day off today, but I know I have two longer workouts this weekend, so my body will be thanking me later!

Well, I did not have a very blog-worthy day today since I did not work out and spent pretty much all of my day filling out work paperwork, blech!  So, instead, I decided to take a page from some other blogger friends’ book and do a ‘Friday Favorites’ post!

Today I decided to share with you my top three running gear favorites!  They are all recent additions to my running wardrobe, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

1.  My first and most favoritest piece of gear is my Garmin 405cx!!

picture source

This thing is AWESOME!!  I have been wanting a Garmin FOR-EV-ER (imagine the kid from the Sandlot here), but I could not bring myself to spend so much money on running gear.  Lucky for me, I have a husband who loves me very much and decided to give me my dream present for Christmas this year!!

Admittedly, my Garmin is still smarter than me right now.  I have figured out how to use its basic functions, but I have only scratched the surface!  I love that it tracks my pace, distance, heart rate (when I wear the hear rate monitor that goes with it), stops automatically when I stop, and uploads immediately to my computer with the wireless synch function, saving all of my workouts on the Garmin workout tracking web site.  One day I will learn how to use the rest of its many, many features!

2.  My new Moving Comfort “Fiona” sports bra!

This thing is a MIRACLE worker and my new best friend!!  Although it’s made out of cloth, it may in fact be more technologically advanced than my Garmin.  Somehow, this thing offers support by actually SUPPORTING the ladies, not crushing them against my chest as tightly as possible–which is really the only other way they had ever been “supported” by a sportsbra.  Despite the thicker straps and eye-hook closures in the back, it also does not seem to chafe at all (and I am pretty sensitive to chafing).  I’ve run in it up to eight miles, and so far, no chafing problems!

images source

My only problem with it so far is it’s not a racerback, and most of my tank tops are racerback style, but this thing is so nice I don’t even care how crazy I look or how many different tan lines I get.  Maybe after I save up some more money I’ll go buy their Fiona style (which is a racerback version).

I had put off buying one for a long time because they’re a bit pricey (I refuse to pay full price for any running gear–it’s so expensive!).  But when my wonderful father bought me a Groupon to a running store, I decided to splurge on it.  If I had known how amazing it was I would have paid full price for it a long time ago!  I just need to go buy more now so I don’t keep rewashing and using the same one (I’ve been saving it for my long runs for now).

3.  My Nike Filament capris

image source

As I am writing this post I am seeing a pattern.  Running capris were another item I had put off buying because I had not found a cheap pair (I didn’t want to pay more than $20) that fit well and were comfortable.  When I used my Groupon I tried on the sports bra and these, and decided to splurge and get both (hey, my dad bought me the Groupon so they were kind of like super super on sale, right??).

Well, I was glad I did because these things ROCK.  My favorite feature is the mesh lining behind the knees…so they don’t bunch up too bad and breath very well.  They also have a nice thin zipper pocket in the back and a triangle sewn crotch (ie, better fit and less chafing).  Super comfy and hey, when you don’t want to wear tights but are too lazy to shave your whole legs don’t feel like going for shorts these are perfect!  Part of the reason I never wanted to spend money on them is because I didn’t think they were necessary (I own a ton of running shorts), but I have found myself wearing them all the time!  Oh, they’re also great on the stationary bike–when pants get in the way of the pedals and shorts are uncomfortable/bunch on the seat!

The pattern I’m seeing in this post is that a lot of my favorite things are some of the quality stuff I put off buying for a long time because I’m too cheap.  I think I am learning that while you don’t need a full wardrobe of expensive workout clothes (I also love my $15 target running shorts and kohls running tanks), it’s nice to have a few quality go-to pieces!

Okay, enough rambling about running gear.  I’ll leave you with the food highlights:

Breakfast was Special K and a banana with Dark Chocolate Dreams.

Lunch was taco soup and leftover shells.  But the afternoon snack was more exciting:

But dinner was even MORE exciting!  Eric found coupons for buy one get one free Chipotle!  They expired March 4 so OF COURSE we had to go use them TONIGHT!  (If you want your own, go to the Chipotle Facebook page and watch their ad for the new show–America’s Next Great Restaurant).

Eric had the chicken fajita burrito and I had a the chicken fajita burrito bowl.  I heart Chipotle!!!

After dinner Eric and I went to see a movie (“The Unknown”–I give it a B:/) and the guy next to me was eating Twizzlers the whole time.  So after the movie I made Eric take me to Safeway to buy Twizzlers…and some Reese’s because they were on sale.  Oops.  Why am I such a sugar addict?


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2 Responses to Friday Favorites

  1. Patty Shipe says:

    I found (& bought) the Chocolate/PB at Giant yesterday. I also saw that they sell it at the Shur-Fine down the street. The Shur-fine has it in cinnamon swirl/pb too…mmgood…

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