Friday Favorites – Pets!

Friday workout:
Rest day!!  I am finally feeling rested today, and was actually itching to do something, but I know how important my rest days are, especially considering my mileage is going to keep increasing over the next couple of weeks!

I decided to do another Friday Favorites post, but it’s kind of a cop-out because I really just needed a good excuse to post these cute videos I took yesterday!

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite animal friends!  These are some of the most recent animals in my life…to go all the way back would take too long:).

This also is a good follow-on from yesterday’s post about finding happiness in every day.  Animals have always brought a great deal of happiness to my life!

These are my parents’ dogs–Jackson, Diesel, and Kodak.  Kodak is a 12-year-old black lab/golden retriever mix.  Jackson and Diesel are 6-month old black lab and [something] mixes:).  They are learning their tricks and are listening really well for 6-month-olds!

Please excuse me being a dork for not being able to reach Jackson’s paw even though he was doing what he was supposed to and holding it out for me.  Apparently I am not capable of doing two things at once, like looking at the camera to make sure the dogs are in the shot and also being able to use my depth perception.

Also please excuse my puppy voice…eesh.  I swear my real voice is a little bit less annoying.

And another one!

So adorable!!

My current snugglemuffin is my cat Oscar.  He’s kind of a nutcase but I still love him.  He helps me write my blog posts sometimes.

I used to have two cats (I know, crazy cat-lady alert!  But I wanted them to have a buddy!), but my other cat and animal-love-of-my-life, Oliver, passed away a few months ago:( He made me laugh about 80 times a day.  I miss him!

Tell me that is not one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen!

Growing up I also had three horses.  My most recent horse was Bailey, who I owned during college.She was a cutie-patootie!

Sadly, I had to sell her after college because horses are just so darn expensive to keep!  One day I will have a horse again, hopefully!!  Anyone want to buy me some lottery tickets??

Before Bailey I had Sly!  He was a rockstar.  Sadly, my professional pictures are at my house (and I’m still at my parents).  So I scanned a random one from my mom’s photo albums for ya.  It’s major old school.

I had to sell Sly after high school when my dad said it was either college or the horse, both  were too much money (are you seeing a trend here?)!  (PS, I didn’t really have a choice…)

And finally there was my first horse, Agatha.  She was the best pony you could ask for!!  Sadly, I outgrew her:(  If only they made growing pills for horses:(.  Another scanneroo.

(Don’t worry mom, I put all the pictures back where I got them from!:)

Are you guys cat people or dog people (or other kind of animal people)?  I clearly do not discriminate!:)  If you want to, send me a picture of your pet at  Maybe I’ll do another cute pet post next Friday:).

Have a great weekend, everyone!!


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One Response to Friday Favorites – Pets!

  1. Aunt Jackie says:

    Erin, it was so great to see your blog and the photos and videos of the puppies and Kodak! I also enjoyed the photos of you, Eric, the cats and horses! Happy Birthday and many blessings for the coming year! Love, Aunt Jackie

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