Banana-Chocolate Chip Pancakes and the Importance of Recovery

Sunday workout:
Bike – 60 minutes, easy (15 miles)
Cross train – 15 mins stair climber, 15 mins elliptical

Sunday morning I slept in pretty late–I needed it after staying up past midnight two nights in a row!  Craziness!:)  Breakfast Sunday was cottage cheese with strawberries, an english muffin with laughing cow cheese, and an apple!  Awesome!!

Since I had such a late breakfast I wasn’t really hungry for lunch, so instead I had an early dinner.  I was going to have leftover chili for dinner, but then I had a banana emergency that changed my plans!

Banana emergency!!!!  I saw that my bananas from last week’s grocery trip looked like this:

As soon as I saw that my bananas were getting really brown, I knew EXACTLY what to do with them.

A while ago I was reading/stalking Hungry Runner Girl’s blog and in the Food Buzz ad in her blog margin (that ad always taunts me with yummy food pictures) I saw THIS:

Banana and Blueberry Pancakes with Cinnamon-Vanilla Butter
(from Comfort of Cooking)

Image from Comfort of Cooking

I started drooling on myself immediately and knew that I HAD to make them soon.  Once I saw my bananas getting really brown–I knew I was ready to make me some banana pancakes!  Plus I will use any excuse I can to eat breakfast for dinner.  It’s my favorite!!

I didn’t have any blueberries, so I decided to do bananas and chocolate chips instead (I’ll also use any excuse to put chocolate in all of my meals).

Now, you guys know I do not put a lot of restrictions on myself for what I eat (cite the 1,800 Girl Scout cookies eaten by moi)–I just try to use moderation and to balance it out with some exercise and healthy food the rest of the day;)–but let me tell you that I am INCAPABLE of moderating my syrup usage:).  I lovvvvve syrup and use a good half a bottle when I eat pancakes/waffles/french toast/cornbread (don’t knock the cornbread thing until ya try it!).

Because of my inability to moderate myself when it comes to syrup I decided to try something different today.  I think this was the best idea I have ever had.  I put two tablespoons of syrup in some vanilla yogurt and oh my goodness it was great!  Between the yogurt and the moistness of the pancakes (from the banana) I was in heaven and did not miss having my pancakes swimming in syrup!

These things were just plain amazing!

Okay so my picture is not nearly as awesome as Georgia’s, but nonetheless the pancakes were unbelievable!

After my evening gym session I had some protein in the form of greek yogurt (with strawberries).  Mmm.

When I was at the gym I was thinking about how great this recovery week has been.  In the beginning of the week I was feeling pretty tired and my body just ached a little bit.  Karen and Melle, who I have been running with fairly often (they are also doing the 10 miler!), both also said they were feeling pretty crummy when we met for our speed workout on Wednesday.  But sure enough, by Friday I was feeling incredibly rested and itching to go!

Even though I was feeling great and would have loved to do a light workout on Friday (my day off), I made myself take it easy.  I’ve learned the hard way what can happen when I don’t give my body the rest it deserves!

It’s good to remind myself the importance of a recovery week (or even day)–recovery days are just as important as the workouts you put in!!  Without them your body will not have the time it needs to repair itself (and when your body repairs, it’s not just “fixing” itself, it’s actually trying to make itself stronger/better in preparation for the next time!).

This recovery week did exactly what it was supposed to–I feel rested, strong, and ready for the next three weeks of building mileage/workouts!  I also am excited for the Four Courts Four Miler on Saturday!!:)

How many days a week do you guys usually take off?
– I always take at least one, sometimes two (or sometimes I’ll cross train on the second day).  I’ve done programs where I do six days a week, and it just wears me down after a couple of months–but everyone is different!

Do you ever eat breakfast for dinner?
-Breakfast for dinner has always been my favorite–ever since I was a kid!  I think it’s because I get to eat large amounts of sugar/syrup (dang sweet tooth!:).

Have you ever had syrup on cornbread?
-A lot of people have told me this is weird…but all of the ones who I have made try it LOVE it!  My whole family eats it this way!


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6 Responses to Banana-Chocolate Chip Pancakes and the Importance of Recovery

  1. Trisha says:

    Breakfast for dinner is MY FAVORITE! I could eat it every day. And I usually have it at least once a week 🙂
    AANNDD cottage cheese and fruit is da bomb!

  2. Patty says:

    Your pancakes look YUMMY! 😀 Gotta try the syrup & yogurt trick…

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