The Big 2-7!

Tuesday workout:
Run – 45 min tempo run (about 5.6 miles total)
Followed by a good 20 minutes of stretching/foam rolling

GUESS WHAT?! Today is my BIRTH-DAY.  I am turning the big 2-7:).  If you forgot to get me a present you can make it up to me by leaving me a blog comment and/or subscribing!;) He he he.

The other day I was telling Eric that the Lindt dark chocolate truffles are my favorite–so he brought me some home as a birthday treat!  I was so excited to eat them I almost didn’t open the bag first!

Uh oh, a whole bag of Lindt truffles just for me.  This is bad news bears.

Also, I tried five times to actually get my face in the picture and gave up because I wanted to actually eat the truffles.

In honor of my birthday (and because I found this little gem when going through my mom’s photo albums last weekend), I thought I would share this bad boy with you guys:

This is from my eighth birthday and, yes–I am the one in the awesome rainbow outfit (complete with bright yellow socks)!  My aunt took me shopping for my birthday and said I could buy anything I wanted.  ANYTHING.  And I chose a rainbow outfit.  Awesome.  It’s good to know I had such amazing fashion taste as a child.

I also have this birthday pic leftover from my wedding slide show.  This is from my fourth birthday!

It’s hard to tell, but I think my fashion taste was not fully developed at this early stage.  I had not yet developed an affinity for rainbow clothing, anyway.

The girl on the far right is my wonderful and longest-time friend, Jessie (she is also in the other birthday picture)!  We are still friends today and she is even doing her FIRST TRIATHLON with me at Rumpus in Bumpass!!  How awesome is that?

Alright, enough with the trip down memory lane, I need to tell you about my run yesterday.

Tuesday was my tempo run day and I had extra pressure to run super speedy because I was too lazy to shave my legs before going to the gym and it’s too hot to wear pants and I didn’t want anyone to see.

BUT, after all my talk about how awesome and rested and strong I was feeling after my recovery week, my tempo run last night STUNK!  I felt horrible.  I was slightly nauseous, dizzy, my knee hurt a little, and…well let’s just say I did not feel good.  It was all I could do just to complete the workout.

The whole run I was panicking.  My thoughts went something like this:

“Oh my gosh I thought I was feeling good after my rest week but I feel horrible and here I thought I was making all this progress and getting so much faster and now I can’t even run 8 minute pace without feeling sick and I was running 6:30 pace 800’s and now this feels like crud and why did I think I could maybe actually train hard and run close to 8 minute pace in a marathon and qualify for Boston one day and now I can’t even run five minutes at 8 minute pace without feeling sick and oh my gosh I am the worst runner in the history of the world and this sucks I don’t even like running and why has it only been five minutes and how am I going to make it another forty??!?!??!??!??!”

I was very upset.

It was not until I was almost done with the run that I remembered that my body/brain had decided they wanted to give insomnia a try the night before and I only got three hours of sleep.  Hmm, I think maybe that had something to do with me feeling horrible.

Even on three hours of sleep, I didn’t help myself by panicking and self-sabotaging myself with all the negative thoughts.  I don’t know why I got so upset during that run–but I did!  I am going to just blame it on the lack of sleep and start today fresh!

I was craving weird things for dinner last night, and I’ve learned it’s sometimes best to give in to your body’s demands or it will do bad things to you.  So I had a sauteed apple and laughing cow cheese sandwich and some protein in the form of Greek/raspberry yogurt and strawberries.

It was just what I was craving.

I am off for a birthday bike ride!!  I am so excited because I have like 50 birthday celebrations planned in the next two weeks (not because I am special, just because my friends and I are not great at coordinating things in advance, so not everyone is free on the same day:).  But I am not complaining–I am all for turning a one-day celebration into a two week celebration and for eating out eight times in two weeks!;)

Do you ever have really negative thoughts during your work outs?
-This was probably the worst experience I’ve had with it.  I sometimes get down or don’t feel great, but I don’t usually go from feeling bad to panicking/thinking ridiculous things so quickly!  Again, I blame it on the sleep!

Do you ever crave weird things?
-YES.  Especially at dinner time.  I often crave breakfast foods at all hours of the day.  I could probably live on cereal:).


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10 Responses to The Big 2-7!

  1. bearrunner says:

    happy Birthday. I hope you have a joyous day 🙂


  2. Trisha says:

    Sorry about the bummer run 😦 It happens though – don’t let it get you down. Sometimes after my rest week, my legs need some time to warm up back into the pounding they were getting.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it’s an amazing day

  3. Karen says:

    Happy birthday, Er! I wouldn’t worry too much about the tough workout. Between the lack of sleep and your body adjusting to the down week, it makes sense that it was rough. It is just something to get through and remember, the next one will be better! And I’m jealous because you did yours already 🙂

  4. Sandy says:

    Happy birthday! Don’t stress about the bad workout. I have them every so often, and usually right after a recovery day(s). It’s a fluke, and you’ll qualify for Boston soon, I’m sure!

  5. Happy Birthday, Erin!! I am loving your blog so far!
    I bet you will have a great run today or tomorrow – usually those awful runs are just flukes and the one after is a good one!

  6. Dana says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m loving your rainbow outfit… too bad they don’t make those in my size! =P

  7. Sandy says:

    Here’s a site you might enjoy. It combines two of your faves: saving money and eating well!

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  9. Patty Shipe says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I wanted to call you last night to sing to you…but, sadly, I forgot. Love the “Rainbow” outfit! Really! Too cute! 😀 Anyway, Steve & I really enjoyed our day with you & Eric on Saturday. Must do it again soon….Love ya!!! Patty

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