More Ways to Eat Oatmeal!

Thursday workout:
Bike – 20 miles easy
Swim – 1000 meters (two 500s focusing on stroke/breathing)

I knew today was going to be a good day when it started out with this:

Baked pumpkin oatmeal with DARK CHOCOLATE DREAMS in the center.  Droooool!  AND because I love you guys I added the recipe for you in my recipes section!!

Lunch was also delicious!  I made a wrap with one of my wonderful Flat Outs, chicken breast, avocado, half a slice of provolone, cucumber, lettuce, red pepper, and honey mustard.

I have been neglecting my strawberries lately and was going through withdraw, so I had to have some Greek yogurt and strawberries on the side!:)

The weather today was SO gorgeous!  I was sad to go to school and sit inside a building with no windows:(  I was wishing I was back in undergrad when we would always ask the teachers if we could have class outside (and a lot of the time they would say yes!:).

I was also sad to work out inside when it was so beautiful outside, but my legs are sore from my speed workout yesterday and I was in BAD need of a swim workout, so I went to the gym for a bike/swim workout.

Even though I wasn’t outside enjoying the weather, at least I was able to get some school work done while I biked, courtesy of Sweet Tooth Runner Emma’s hair band trick!

That’s right!  It’s a great cure to your book/magazine pages not staying flat!  In fact, the lady next to me was reading and kept eyeballing my contraption, and finally asked me about it!  I was excited to spread the hair band trick love on my first day using it!:)

Despite whining to myself and Eric (on the phone) all the way to the pool, my workout was not so bad (as always)!  I’m starting to feel this week’s worth of workouts, though.  I’m ready for my rest day tomorrow, then one more hard weekend before a down week!  I can’t believe the ten miler is a week and a day away–ahh!

Eric and I both got home a little before 8:00 pm (and my dinner time is usually between 5:30 and 7:00 pm), so it was a quick/lazy dinner night.  We had a frozen pizza in the fridge…I was not very excited about eating it but I added some veggies as sides to make myself feel a little bit better:/.


Today’s question is one I seriously need help with!!  When I shower before my swim my hair/forehead is wet and I have trouble getting my swim cap on because it just slips off instead of sticking to my forehead!!  What am I missing?  I need help from someone who is not such a swimming newbie/spazz.  Thanks!:)

Did you guys enjoy the nice weather today?  Was it nice where you are?
-I was sad I didn’t get out much today:(  I hope to fix that tomorrow, though!:)  The forecast is a high of 72 and SUNNY!!:)


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2 Responses to More Ways to Eat Oatmeal!

  1. Trisha says:

    That oatmeal looks delicious! And I hate it when I have to workout inside when it is so nice out 😦 I just tell myself there are lots of beautiful days ahead that I can spend tons of time outside during! Just have to wait til school is out…

  2. SO JEALOUS of your weather!! I don’t know when it will be in the 70’s here 😦 That oatmeal looks DE-lish!! I think I know what I’m eating for breakfast tomorrow! 🙂

    Love the hair band trick–I think I first saw it on Janae’s blog. Great reminder!

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