Show Me the Sunshine!

Friday workout:
Rest day!  I definitely need this rest day today!  I am feeling pretty sore from the speed workout Wednesday and the longer ride followed by a swim yesterday.  Plus I have some long workouts ahead this weekend!

I was totally inspired by an awesome post by Corey at the Runner’s Cookie to write my own post about what the warm weather makes me excited for!  It feels totally appropriate based on my excitement about the gorgeous weather today and yesterday (it was 67 and sunny yesterday, and is supposed to be 72 and sunny today)!

SO…let’s see…the warm weather makes me excited for…

NOT having to dress like this for runs!

The cherry blossoms blooming!

Baseball games!

Going on trips to visit friends and family!

(In Pittsburgh to visit Eric’s grandmother two summers ago)

(In New York to visit my cousin’s family last summer:)

Summer BBQs!

Summer vacations (and not being so pasty white anymore!:)

(Our summer ‘vacation’ last year was our honeymoon to St. Lucia!)

Having more fun outdoor adventures and trips–like trips to the zoo!

And trips to wineries!

Going to the pool (for fun, not laps)!

Summer dinners with friends at the waterfront!

Wedding season!  (I am also going to be in my first wedding this year–and it’s my best friend/running partner Karen, yay!:)

Twilight races!

Trail rides with friends (hopefully…right, Laura?:)

(In case you’re wondering, neither of those people is me–I was on a horse, too, but I was the one taking the picture!:)

Being barefoot on the beach!

And finally, speaking of the beach, one of the things I’m MOST excited for is going to the Outer Banks with my family this summer!!  My parent’s just bought a new (and gorgeous) beach house and I’m excited to have a family vacation there this year!

(This is an OLD photo, but it captures the ‘welcome to the Outer Banks’ feeling.
PS I was actually leaving when I took this photo, which is probably why my dad and brother look so sad;)

Wow, after looking through my pictures and writing this post I am even MORE excited for spring/summer!!  Hopefully the March weather doesn’t punish me for this by bringing on a snow storm (you never know with March!:).

What are YOU excited for this spring/summer?  What does the warm weather make you think of?

Do you have any plans to enjoy the nice weather (if you have some where you are, and I hope you do, or will soon!)?
-Sadly today is my rest day, so I won’t enjoy it for a work out, but I am hoping Eric and I can go down to the waterfront in Old Town Alexandria tonight and walk around a bit!  For now I am stuck inside doing school work–lame!:)


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6 Responses to Show Me the Sunshine!

  1. Trisha says:

    Goodness – that post made me sooo excited for summer! For me, summer means no school, living at home with the family, my sister’s wedding!, working in a garden, training OUTSIDE, bbqs, and night games. Ohhh summer days 🙂

  2. LOVE THESE PICS!!! Go cherry blossoms…Spring is a ways away for us in WA, so I will live vicariously through you!

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  4. Love this!! Your trips look so fun 🙂

  5. Patty says:

    YAY!! it’s officially SPRING!! soon time to plan to hit the beach…can’t wait for that.

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