Cheap Date Night!

Saturday workout:
Run – 7 miles

If you didn’t see my post yesterday, go check it out!  It made me sooo excited for the spring/summer!!

I’ll start with food (because after all, food is one of the most exciting parts of the day!).

Breakfast was cocoa and banana oatmeal!

PS, on Monday and Tuesday morning I made a batch of this and took it to school to eat (I have an early class and am usually short on time/appetite when it’s really early in the morning).  WELL, I got a couple of weird looks/questions as to what in the world I was eating, haha.  I guess black oatmeal does look pretty funny….especially when you let it sit for 30 minutes and it congeals into a big blob.  I tried to tell people it still tasted really yummy, but I don’t think they believed me:/.

Lunch was an apple and laughing cow cheese sandwich (mmmmmmm), fruit salad, and caramel yogurt:).

In the afternoon I was doing school work (lame!), which always makes me want to snack, haha.  I decided to try and be healthy and I made some kale chips!  This was my first time having them–but it won’t be my last!  They were SO good!

You just throw the kale on a baking sheet, sprinkle it with olive oil and salt, and heat it in the oven at 350 for 10-15 minutes (or until brown and crispy).  It was really very good–salty and crunchy and with good flavor.  Thanks to my buddy Trisha for the great idea!:)

Okay, on to the subject of this post–my cheap date night!:)

Now, if you know me, or if you read my grocery store post, you know that I am allll about saving money.  I mean, who doesn’t love saving money?  (Plus, it just gives me an excuse to spend money on running/tri gear and race entries!!;).

So my date night last night was very exciting for me for two reasons: because I got to have a date night with my wonderful husband AND because our awesome date night only cost us $11.49!

That’s right–we had dinner and saw a movie (with snacks) for $11.49!  How, you ask?  Well, I am alll about the Groupons!  (If you haven’t heard of Groupon, it’s a Web site that offers super deals–at least 50% off–for stuff to do in your area, like movies, dinner, etc.).

First we grabbed a blanket and some burritos (two for $6 Groupon!:) and headed down to the waterfront to enjoy the GORGEOUS weather!

PS the shirt I am wearing was also part of my birthday present from my friends!!  I had asked for “work shirts,” but I was too excited to wear this cute shirt to save it for work:).

It was SO pretty outside–I can’t remember the last time I had a picnic!

Then we went to see Limitless (the new movie with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro; it was pretty good!).  (Groupon for two movie tickets for $9–plus we had an extra $5 in Groupon bucks so the total was only $4!)

And of course you have to have movie snacks!!  Okay, so you don’t have to have them–we usually don’t have movie snacks, but we decided to bring our leftover Christmas candy and a soda from the grocery store (for $1.49;).

We hardly ever drink soda, but every once in a while we indulge!

$4 – movie tickets
$6 – burritos
$1.49 – soda
$0 – candy
$11.49 Priceless – cost of having an awesome date with your husband without breaking the bank!:)

Do you usually buy snacks at the movie theater?
– I almost NEVER buy snacks at the theater–WAY too expensive!!  My family never would buy them when I was younger, either.  Every once in a while we’ll bring our own, though (shhh!).

Have you ever had Kale chips (or any other weird vegetable concoctions? If the answer to this one is yes–please share:)?
– This was my first time having kale chips–I was actually really surprised by just how much I liked them!



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7 Responses to Cheap Date Night!

  1. That looks like the perfect date to me!! And the warm weather is so exciting. Groupons are awesome – they definitely make going out to eat more affordable.
    Your lunch looks delicious, and yes I love kale chips! Especially with a little cheese grated on top 🙂

  2. Sandy says:

    First, I have to ask what kind of Laughing Cow cheese you use with the apples–sounds interesting, depending on the flavor. Second, I have had kale chips and I LOVE them. Jenn made some and brought them to work a couple of times. She wasn’t crazy about the way they came out, but those of us who tried them really liked them. I’ve had them before, though, and I thought they were good. Then again, I love kale.

    • I always eat the garlic and herb (the pink tub:)!! I eat it on English muffins for breakfast and sometimes on an apple sandwich like that! It’s not the same as like a REAL apple and cheese sandwich, but it still tastes really good (I think!:). That’s awesome then Jenn brought some into work! I do like kale (cooked, in soup), but I was really surprised how much I liked it baked and salted! I expected it to still taste like a vegetable, but it really tasted kind of like a chip!!

  3. Trisha says:

    So glad you liked the kale chips! And…groupon is the best! Love cheap things that are fabulous 🙂

  4. Patty says:

    I never had Kale chips but Eric used to eat peanut butter & syrup sandwiches when he was little…(it was popular in Florida). Sounds like you guys had a fun date! I do believe the best things in life are freeeeeee or at least had at a very reasonable price. I seem to enjoy myself that much more if I don’t have to spend so much $$$…;)

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