Relax, Recover, and Celebrate

Thursday workout:
Bike – 60 minutes
Swim – 30 minutes

Friday workout:
Rest day!

This week is my recovery week, so I have been able to relax and recover from two hard weeks of training and two stressful weeks of school.  It has also allowed me to catch up with friends, and get ready for the Rumpus in Bumpass Sprint Triathlon this Sunday!!  This is my first sprint-distance tri and I am excited to just have fun with the shorter race distance.  Also, how can you NOT be excited about a race named Rumpus in Bumpass?  I may be more excited for my race shirt that says “Rumpus in Bumpass” and the free personal pizza I get at the finish than I am for the race.  Okay maybe not, but it might be a tie!

I had a talk with Mother Nature last week and told her that it was totally not cool for her to keep going from 40 degrees to 90 degrees and then from 90 degrees to snow, etc.  I must have gotten through to her because this week she has blessed us DC-area people with some gorgeous weather!:)

She couldn’t have picked a better time, too, because we had plans to go to the Nationals-Phillies game on Thursday night:).  My husband and a lot of his friends are from Pennsylvania, so they love to go to the Nats games when the Phillies are in town.

It stayed nice all night, and we got to see the sun set behind the stadium and the Washington monument.

I was good and had Subway before we went into the game so I wouldn’t be tempted by all the nachos/pretzels/hot dogs/etc…boy did it smell good, though!  While the boys were drinking beer, I treated myself to some chocolate and cookies and cream gelato!:)


While I was going to get my ice cream I also spotted this:

I have quite a few friends now that eat gluten free, and I know a lot of restaurants will have gluten free items on the menu now, but I was still surprised to see a whole gluten free service at the baseball game.  Does that surprise anyone else or am I just ignorant?  I was excited to share this with all my gluten free friends, though:).

Oh yeah, and I guess there was some baseball going on, too (leave it to me to be more excited about the food:).

Today I started my day off right–with an awesome breakfast!

French-toast-ified cinnamon raisin English muffin halves with strawberries, cottage cheese, and yogurt/syrup topping.  Delicious!  Every day should be started this way.  (This might have been a slight strawberry overload, but they were starting to go bad and I refuse to waste my strawberries!:)

For lunch I met up with my bestie Karen to celebrate her birthday (which is on Sunday)!

Lunch was at Cafe Asia.  We got soup (I can’t remember the name:/) with lemongrass, shrimp, and button mushrooms.  It was awesome.

And we split two orders of sushi.  Fresh salmon and cream cheese rolls and I think the other ones were tuna, salmon, and avocado rolls.  I haven’t had sushi in a while, and this was delicious!

It was great to catch up with Karen…I was going through best running friend withdraw after our 10 miler was over and we both got slammed with school/work stuff and have not run together since, and therefore have not had as much time to catch up.

We also had a great talk about my dilemma over what race to do this fall.  I love talking to her because she thinks a lot like me (and she also understands my obsessive compulsive nature and need to overanalyze every detail of my “important” life decisions).  I shall update you all more on that next week!

Now it’s time to enjoy the rest of this lovely afternoon!:)  Have a great weekend, everyone!

Fun plans for the weekend?
-I’m sure I will do other things, too, but right now my plans for the weekend are pretty much centered around the tri. I need to clean my poor neglected bike tomorrow, put the bike rack on the car, etc.  Crazy times at the Shipe household!:)  Tonight we are going over to our friends’ house for dinner, though!

Do you like sushi?
-I took a hiatus from sushi for a while after I had some bad stuff that made me sick…but I do still like it and enjoy eating it…I just have to be in the right mood for it:/.


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9 Responses to Relax, Recover, and Celebrate

  1. Karen says:

    Tom Ka soup! (not sure I spelled it right though…) Thanks again for coming to visit and let’s definitely run next week ❤ GOOD LUCK this weekend, you'll rock it!

  2. Dani says:

    I’m obsessed with sushi!! Yum!! And that is so cool that there is a gluten free stand at Nationals Park!! I am going to have to check that out next time I am there.

  3. Patty says:

    Not a sushi fan. I really need to have that “chat” with Mother Nature…we’ve been having some really yucky weather up here. Glad you had fun at the baseball game.

  4. lindsay says:

    i would have gone tot he game just to hang out at the GF stand, is that so wrong? hehe. What a great day though! Hope your weekend of training is going well.

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