Bring on My 80s!

Thursday workout:
Bike – 45 minutes
Swim – 2600 meters

Friday workout:
Swim – 20 minutes
Aqua-jog – 55 minutes

That’s right friends, I am now an aqua-jogging master. (Although they are apparently calling it deep water running now? Aqua-jogging was too 1980s or something?) Between the aqua-jogging, all the icing I’ve been doing, and the medicine for my joints, I think all I need is some Bengay and I’m ready for my 80s!!

This was my first time aqua-jogging, and it was…a new experience.  On the first length (length, not lap), I was thinking, “Okay, this is…interesting.” On the second length (not lap) I was thinking, “I’m bored.” Haha.

But like any other endurance sport, you push through and let your mind wander and stop thinking about the time, and then the time starts to go by faster.

Although I do still wish I had the underwater mp3 players/headphones. If only I swam enough to make the husband believe it was a legitimate reason to spend hundreds of dollars:/. My best swimming day ever was the day they were having a synchronized swimming competition at the pool and had the music blaring so loud I could hear it under water. I was so happy!

(Note: this pic is not me. Source.)

As I was aqua-jogging along, moving at the speed of a three-legged turtle climbing a hill, a swimmer decided to join me in my lane.  Yes, my lane that was marked with the big sign at both ends saying “Deep Water Running.” Was that because the rest of the pool was crowded, you ask? Why no, there were eight other empty lanes. Yes.

So, Mr. Obnoxious Lane Sharer proceeded to 1) make me feel even slower than I already felt as he whizzed by my doing his fancy free-style swimming, 2) splash me in the face every time he went by (which was about every 5 seconds), and 3) create little waves in the pool that came up just to the height of my mouth.

So every time he went by I had to turn my head and do a little treading-water-type move to raise my head up out of the water high enough to not drown in his little waves. It was fun. But instead of getting angry about it I just told myself it was good training for open water swims, when I would be fighting little waves and obnoxious swimmers the whole time.

Going along with the injured/80s theme, I thought I’d show you an icing trick (well, for many of you it is probably not a trick, but I am hoping it’s new for some of you).

Ice massage. I learned about ice cups in high school, when I had a run in with shin splits (might have been the $20 target shoes I ran in for three years. But hey, if one bout of shin splints is the worst I got for that then I’ll take it. Oh to have the body of a 16-year-old again:).

Ice cups are great for any sub-surface pains, because they help you massage the area and get the cold deeper into the tissue. That’s why they’re great for shin splints, but they’re also good for other injuries.

All you need to do is fill a few paper Dixie cups about 2/3 of the way full and freeze, like so:

Rip off the top of the cup, exposing about a 1/2-inch of ice:

And now you have a nice paper side to hold to protect your fingers from the ice, and can use the ice side to gently massage the injured area.

(Okay so my pain is actually on the outside of my foot, but this seemed like an easier picture to take:).

Ice massage for about 7-10 minutes.

In case you’re wondering about my foot, well…


I’m not feeling very good about it. The pain has gone away when I walk, mostly, but on Thursday when I biked I was starting to feel some pain, then (I was actually supposed to bike for 60 mins, but cut it short because my foot was hurting). I also may have felt a few twinges when I was swimming, too, although I tried really hard to pretend like that wasn’t happening:(.

But, there’s still nothing I can do except just keep treating it and crossing my fingers and hope when I go to try and jog on Monday that the injury fairies have miraculously decided to heal me:/.
Do you have any injury/treatment tips you’d like to share? Have you ever had shin splints? Did you try the ice cup/ice massage?


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13 Responses to Bring on My 80s!

  1. Jess@ Blonde Ponytail says:

    This post cracked me up Erin!! I too used the paper ice cups in HS. But they work! Aren’t shin splints the worst?!

    I’m sorry your foot is sore–ugh! Get better soon keep icing!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    so sorry about your shin splints friend. No fun! Aqua jogging really does help! I was told that every 10 minutes of constant jogging is equal to 1 mile.

  3. lindsay says:

    sorry about the shin splints. eek! Aqua joggin will be so helpful. Every 10 minutes of constant jogging is equal to a mile, so you won’t lose fitness at all by this! yea!

  4. pawsitivelife says:

    Awesome post! The only tried water running once but the pool was filled with middle aged ladies

    • Oh yeah, I know plenty of younger folks who say they have aqua jogged, but I’ve only ever seen the older folks doing it. I felt pretty out of place aqua jogging, but that’s okay:).

  5. Yay for aqua jogging!! 🙂 I had to try not to laugh at myself as I was doing it, because it is so crazy how slow you move while doing it, but it’s still a great workout! Good for you for doing everything you can to boost recovery! Crossing my fingers for you!

  6. Heather says:

    I love the Magic 8 Ball is your medical consultant!!
    I hope you are on the mend soon.

  7. Patty says:

    Love the ice massage tip…I have wrist pain…gotta give that one a try. Thanks

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  10. I just saw this post perusing your site for thoughts on pool running (because I know you do it sometimes). I was at that synchro meet! Judging and coaching. FYI, they have a speaker that *is* underwater, which is why you can hear it underwater. It’s not the air speakers being loud. Sound can’t really penetrate the water from the air.

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