New Roommie and a Girls’ Night Out

Someone very special has moved in with Eric and me for the summer! My sister!!

In addition to being gorgeous and not caring when my hair gets in her face during wedding photos, my sister is a ton of fun!

She got a job nearby–at my work, actually, even though I won’t be there since I am still in school–so is staying with us for the summer. She pointed out that we have not lived together for somewhere between seven and nine years (depending on whether you count summers when I was home from college the first two years)! I can’t believe that. Living together again is long overdue:). I am so excited to have her around this summer.

On Wednesday night we celebrated by going out in Del Ray, Virginia. We met up with another friend of mine for dinner and, of course, ice cream!

We were going to go to Cheesetique, since I had heard it was amazing, but there was a long wait (on a Wednesday night at 6:30?!?) so we headed down to Evening Star Cafe instead.

The food was a little pricey, so we split some of their “light fare” options.

Grilled Camembert cheese, crackers, and raspberry and tomato chutney. (Grilled Camembert is amazing!!)

This dish was unbelievable. Inappropriately named, but the taste made up for it. It was called “BLT Mac & Cheese”…but there’s not really any macaroni in there. Instead, it’s spinach gnocchi with tomato concasse, apple wood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, and triple truffle cream sauce. Sooo delicious! I could have eaten my weight in this stuff.

We also had a speck ham salad with spiced almonds, blue cheese, grilled onions, and candied rhubarb. It was so delicious I shoved it in my face before I remembered to take a picture. I’m sorry!

After dinner we walked down to The Dairy Godmother to get some frozen custard. I had never been here before, but my friend really wanted to try it and I am incapable of saying no to ice cream.

Apparently every person and child in a 1-mile radius from the ice cream shop also decided that a Wednesday night was a great time to get ice cream (or I guess the shop is just that amazing?).

Luckily the line moved quickly (plus, who am I kidding, I would have waited 5 hours for ice cream) and before we knew it we had our ice cream!

Un.Bel.Ievable. So worth the wait. I got the flavor of the day, which was salt caramel. So amazing. Now I know why there was such a long line, but it was so worth it!!

This weekend is my best friend’s wedding, so you may not hear from me for a few days, but I am sure you will all be celebrating your Memorial Day weekend in your own fashion:). I hope you have a great weekend!

Any plans for the weekend? Any Memorial Day weekend cookouts?
-I have wedding stuff all day Saturday and the wedding all day Sunday, and then Monday I am going for a bike ride with some friends! So excited! I hope my legs do a little better this time. We’ll see!

Have you tried any new restaurants lately?
-Sometimes I get in a rut of always going to the same restaurants (we don’t go out much, so when we do I like to go for what I know I love). But lately we’ve found a bunch of new and awesome places. I need to be adventurous more often!


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25 Responses to New Roommie and a Girls’ Night Out

  1. Karen says:

    Aww that’s such a beautiful picture of you and Jillian! I love it. And it sounds like you both are having fun already 🙂 Thanks for your excitement for this weekend, we can’t wait to celebrate with all of you!!! ❤

  2. You two are gorgeous! enjoy having your sista around E!! HAVE A FAB weekend and you are killing me with that ice cream….drool!

  3. Allison says:

    That food looks amazing! I’ve never been to Dairy Godmother, though I’ve heard great things and my friend saw Obama there once! Hope you have a great long weekend! 🙂

    • Haha, oh yes! While I was standing in line I saw their pictures of when Obama stopped by! I bet he didn’t have to wait in line for 20 minutes…hehe:). Thank you! I hope you have a great weekend, too!

  4. You are so lucky your sister is moving in with you. I also adore my sister and cherish the time we get to spend together (since we live a few states away). Enjoy!
    Caramel Salt ice cream sounds amazing!! Love trying new restaurants. Ever since my husband and I moved into Philly 2 months ago, that’s, like all we do.
    Thanks for the feedback on my blog by the way. I increased my bandwidth (have been meaning to for awhile) so hopefully that does the trick. Let me know if you continue having issues as I’m obviously still learning the whole blog-o-sphere!
    Have fun at your best friend’s wedding!

  5. Jillian says:

    Yay sister!

  6. Patty says:

    What a beautiful pic of you & Jillian! That food looks reeeeeealllllyyyyy good too.

  7. Wait… what the what? You live here? Near me? How did I not realize this? I live in Annandale! I ❤ cheestique. I've been to a couple of cheese tastings there. So fun.

    • Haha! I DO live near you! I did not realize I lived that close, but I did know you were somewhere in the DC-ish area. Oooh, cheese tastings, I am definitely going to have to go to one of those!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Your wedding picture is absolutely gorgeous! I am excited for you to have your sister.

    I absolutely feel you on not trying new restaurants. This weekend we are on the cape for my half marathon and to relax and we only go to like 2 restaurants here even though we have been coming forever, we don’t really know anywhere else…I know I admit it how sad 😦

    I can never pass up icecream either! Yesterday I managed pinkberry for lunch and soft serve icecream after dinner eek! lol

    • Thank you, Steph! Ice cream for lunch and dinner–that’s my kind of girl! (I don’t want to admit how often I have something sweet after lunch AND dinner…sweets are most definitely my downfall!)

  9. lindsay says:

    i would go to that place just for the name alone! and I’m sure it was worth EVERY MINUTE of waiting….for the ice cream that is.
    YAY for new roomie.

  10. That shot of you and your sis on your wedding day is gorgeous! You two are both beautiful. That’s so exciting that she’ll be living with you guys for the summer! We’ve had a friend living with us for the last 6 months and it’s been great. He moved out this weekend and I know our doggie is going to miss him like crazy, haha! But really, that’s so exciting to have your sis around! 🙂

  11. Emily says:

    Aw, I would give anything for my sisters to move in with me! That’s super fun.

    Sad I missed the ride yesterday. Next one that happens I’m in…

  12. Priyanka says:

    You look so pretty in your wedding picture and so does your sister.
    Nice blog!

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